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School projects – general information

The project idea

The idea for school projects was born in the early summer of 2017. The managing director of Elektroaltgeräte Koordinierungsstelle Austria GmbH (EAK), Mag. Elisabeth Giehser and the district councilor of Neubau, Mag. Christina Schlosser spoke in June 2017 about the importance of awareness work in schools. Especially students are an important target group, through which environmental awareness and resource conservation can be transported to parents. Austria’s waste consultants have been holding regular school workshops on waste prevention and waste separation for years. An additional focus of these workshops has been established with the introduction of the “Used Electronics and Batteries School Kit”: the correct collection and recycling of old electrical appliances and used batteries.

A school project-week or -days, in which the students focus on the different facets of this topic for several days, causes a lasting change in behavior – not only among the pupils, but also among the parents.

You want to carry out a school project – the EAK would be happy to assist you

In order to help schools and waste consultants to organize larger school projects on “The right collection of WEEE and used batteries”, EAK offers the following services:

  • Support in contacting the responsible waste management association
  • Support in contacting the responsible waste consultants
  • Assistance in organizing the required number of used electronics and batteries school kits
  • Assistance with the organization of an WEEE and used batteries collection day
  • Assistance with the organization of media dates
  • Supporting and / or organizing a student press conference
  • Support in the preparation of press releases

You can contact the EAK via eMail schulprojekte@eak-austria.at or at the phone number +43 1 522 37 62 – 12