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Sulphuric acid

Source and recycling processes of sulphuric acid

The recycling product “sodium sulfate” from battery acid in the detergent (© EAK, 2018)

Approximately 3,200 t of sulphuric acidare recovered in the process of recycling vehicle batteries.

The majority of vehicle batteries processed in Austria are recycled by BMG Metall und Recycling GmbH in Arnoldstein (see www.bmg-recycling.at). Since vehicle batteries contain substances that can be harmful to people and the environment (e.g. sulphuric acid), all used batteries must be disposed of properly.

Collecting used batteries also serves another purpose, however: the recovery of valuable resources. Besides sulphuric acid, vehicle batteries also contain lead, which can be reused in new vehicle batteries after the old ones are recycled.

Vehicle batteries dropped off by consumers are placed in a bin and stored. The sulphuric acid separated from them is stored in a sealed temporary bin, cleaned with a filter press, and then processed into sodium sulphate, which is used in the production of laundry detergents and glass.

Details on the recycling of sulphuric acid can be found under the following links:

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