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Legal information

Elektroaltgeräte Koordinierungsstelle Austria GmbH
Mariahilfer Straße 84
1070 Vienna

Executive Director: Mag. Elisabeth Giehser 

Telephone: +43 1 522 37 62 – 0
Fax: +43 1 522 37 62 – 19
E-Mail: office@eak-austria.at

Commercial Register: Handelsgericht Wien (Commercial Court of Vienna), FN 263326 w
UID number: ATU61883439
DVR number: DVR2112369

Proprietors: Elektroaltgeräte Koordinierungsstelle Austria GmbH is a subsidiary of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (www.wko.at) and its specialist groups.

Website orientation: Information platform for all parties subject to the WEEE and Battery Directives, and interested members of the public.

This site was created in cooperation with: Chamber of LabourAssociation of MunicipalitiesMinistry of the Environment, Collection and recycling systems for waste EEE and batteriesAssociation of Cities, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Note: To simplify the text, this website sometimes uses the pronouns “they” and “them” to refer to single individuals of any gender. 

Disclaimer: All information presented here is correct to the best of our knowledge, and is updated regularly. If certain information is incomplete or contains errors of any kind, we regret the situation, but cannot be held liable for any harm that may result. Information about collection centres is provided by municipalities through the registry at edm.gv.at . Therefore, www.elektro-ade.at cannot be held liable for the correctness or completeness of such information.

Disclaimer: Links to external sites are merely pointers to those sites. The elektro-ade.at website assumes no liability for the content of the sites we link to. If a page that is linked to from this site contains erroneous or objectionable content, please let us know so that we can remove the links in question. 

Copyright: These pages are protected by copyright. Reproduction is authorised, provided that the source is acknowledged and that such reproduction does not violate the rights of third parties with respect to certain text and multimedia data (e.g. images). Individual pages from our site may not be integrated into frames on external sites. However, we welcome you to add hyperlinks towww.elektro-ade.at

Photos: Ludwig Schedl/Copyright Elektroaltgeräte Koordinierungsstelle Austria GmbH 

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