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Used Electronics and Batteries School Kit – General information

School Kit supplements for secondary schools

The Used Electronics and Batteries School Kit

The Used Electronics and Batteries School Kit

Hands-on learning about environmental issues with the School Kit

Everyone knows them, and everyone uses them. From early childhood on, we all use more electronic devices than ever, especially mobile phones. All the more reason to teach kids as early as possible that electrical and electronic devices and the batteries they run on often contain hazardous substances – as well as valuable raw materials. That’s why mobile phones and other devices should never be thrown out with household rubbish.

What’s inside electronic devices and batteries?

With the School Kit, children aged 8 to 14 can explore this question in a playful and age-appropriate way. A trained waste management consultant comes right to the school to introduce complex concepts like waste prevention, separate waste collection, reuse and recycling through hands-on learning and interactive educational games.

Educational goals

  • Understanding that waste prevention is the first and most important step in the waste reduction hierarchy
  • Raising awareness of the proper ways to dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • Raising awareness of the importance of recycling
  • Encouraging a critical, questioning attitude about how we use our devices (at a personal, societal, and global level)
  • Making kids aware of how much energy is used to manufacture and recycle electrical and electronic equipment
Der Elektroaltgeräte und Altbatterien Schulkoffer - Innenansicht

The Used Electronics and Batteries School Kit – inside view

School Kit contents

  • Visual aids to explain recycling processes
  • Shredded materials of all different categories
  • Disassembled mobile phone
  • Primary raw materials (“Raw Materials Kit” from the Natural History Museum)
  • Model battery
  • Variety of stripped cables
  • Instructions for educational games, including worksheets
  • Waste management plan for schools
  • Environmental footprint calculator
  • and much more

Supplements to the School Kit for secondary schools

The School Kit has been a rousing success at primary schools – and now supplementary educational materials have been added for pupils up to 18 years old, plus additional information and downloads for all educational levels.
Click here for more details.

Bring the School Kit to your school

  • Interested schools and/or community representatives can contact their municipal waste management consultants directly at any time to schedule a workshop in schools or for targeted informational events.
  • The contact people for each Austrian state are listed at the right in the download area.
  • Since April 2015, schools also have the option to borrow School Kits directly from teacher training colleges.
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