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Used Electronics and Batteries School Kit – Supplements

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Kids check out the sample materials

Kids check out the sample materials

Supplements to the School Kit for secondary schools

The School Kit has been a rousing success at primary schools – and now supplementary educational materials have been added for pupils up to 18 years old, plus additional information and downloads for all educational levels.
For instance, frequently-used diagrams from School Kit teaching materials are now available for direct download. Other additions include links to teaching materials, information and videos that support teachers’ work with their pupils. The Climate Alliance has also provided photos on mining precious metals and rare-earth metals, and these photos are available in the download area as well.


To make your class’s work with the School Kit an even more interactive experience, visit the “Links” area for more information and videos. For example, you can access the Austrian Coal and Steel Handbooks (Montanhandbücher Österreichs) to learn more about how raw materials are mined within Austria. There are also links to interactive maps of raw material sources, and geological atlases. The linked videos cover topics like “Sources of raw materials”, “Recycling and reuse”, and the important topics of illegal exports of waste electrical and electronic equipment.


Frequently-used diagrams from the handbooks are available at the right side of the download area. These include “Anatomy of a Mobile Phone”, which describes the internal structure of a mobile phone in precise detail; “Sources of Rare-Earth Metals”, which are very commonly used in modern mobile communication devices and computers; and the overview diagram of the “Raw Materials Kit”. The download area also includes diagrams on the materials that make up the appliances and devices of each category, as well as a battery handbook.

Disassembled smartphone

The “hands-on” portion of the School Kit has also been expanded. For example, in addition to the disassembled mobile phone, a disassembled smartphone is now available, with the goal of addressing older pupils more effectively.

Additional magnetic cards

Supplements have also been added to the magnetic cards for the educational games, so that there are now multiple cards for each equipment category – making the games more exciting than ever.

In Folie eingeschweißtes, zerlegtes Smartphone

Disassembled smartphone sealed in plastic wrap

Zusätzliche Magnetkarten

Additional magnetic cards

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