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Elektro-Nick – the EAK’s environmental award

Through their dedicated efforts, Austria’s 400 or so waste management consultants make an essential contribution to sharing knowledge and raising awareness about protecting our environment and conserving key resources. To honour their important work, the “Elektro-Nick” environmental award for waste management consultants was created in 2015, the year of the EAK’s tenth anniversary. Since then, the prize has been awarded every two years.

The Elektro-Nick highlights the exceptional efforts of Austrian waste management consultants who stand out for their unique commitment and creativity in implementing the selected theme for the given year.

Based on a transparent point-based system, a jury of independent experts evaluates their work at schools, child care centres, or external workshops and events.

The creatively shaped award statuette is donated by the Montanuniversität Leoben and created by students out of scrap electrical components.

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