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Elektro-Nick 2017

The “Elektro-Nick 2017” was awarded on 25 April as part of the annual waste management consultancy workshop held at the Alpenhotel Speckbacher Hof in Gnadenwald, Tyrol.







Elektro-Nick theme for 2017

The selected theme for the 2017 Elektro-Nick competition was “Stopping illegal exports of waste electrical and electronic equipment”.

Photo (l. to r.): Mag. Elisabeth Giesher (CEO of EAK Austria GmbH) and Prof. Roland Pomberger (Montanuniversität Leoben, jury foreman) with the “Elektro-Nick 2017” waste management consultant award © Gnadenwald




And the winner is…

Waste management consultant Johannes Wagner from Tyrol won the 2017 Elektro-Nick. The winning project was a short film that Wagner made with help from the kids in Class 2b at the Neue Mittelschule Kufstein, and support from the Kufsteiner Stadtwerke public utility company.

Winner – 1st prize
Grand prize winner: Johannes Wagner (waste management consultant, Stadtwerke Kufstein, Tyrol) © Gnadenwald


The winners:

1st prize – the Elektro-Nick and a cheque for 700 euros – went to waste management consultant Johannes Wagner of Tyrol, who made a short film with help from the kids in Class 2b at the Neue Mittelschule Kufstein and support from the Kufsteiner Stadtwerke public utility company:


2nd prize (500 euros) was awarded to Bettina Leiner of Carinthia (Spittal/Drau Waste Management Association), who drew strong attention to the topic with a strikingly designed “moving board” ad poster and a waste collection schedule.

The 3rd-prize winner (300 euros) was Vienna waste-management consultant and certified engineer Ingrid Pirgmayer (MA 48). She impressed the jury with interactive quizzes for kids and adults, tours of waste disposal sites for schoolchildren and retirees, and a game of skill entitled “Stromschlag” (Electric Shock), in which players have to “rescue” used devices from being smuggled out of the country, while also avoiding electric shocks.

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