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Elektro-Nick 2015

The EAK’s environmental award, known as the “Elektro-Nick”, was established in 2015. As part of the anniversary symposium that was presented in honour of the EAK’s ten years of existence, the Elektro-Nick was also awarded for the first time.

The winners were three waste management consultants who had made exceptional contributions to long-term environmental education and increased awareness among children and young adults through their dedicated efforts to promote the Used Electronics and Batteries School Kit.



The winners:

1st prize , the Elektro-Nick and a cheque for 700 euros, went to waste management consultant Katharina Moritz from Leoben (Styria).

2nd prize (500 euros) was awarded to a waste management consulting team from MA 48.

The state of Styria took home 3rd prize as well. A pair of waste management consultants from Hartberg were happy to receive a certificate and 300 euros in prize money.

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