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In the spring of 2017, we launched our “Working Safely with Lithium Batteries” initiative. The goal is to provide consumers with a unified source of high-quality information about working with lithium batteries, to encourage them to develop safe habits, and to develop a consistent and unified public outreach effort for both industry and the waste management sector.

In close collaboration with all our partners, the EAK has developed a brochure and two posters designed to inform consumers of key points to remember when working with these types of batteries. These materials are available for download from our “lithium battery page“.

Participants in the initiative include representatives from manufacturers/importers in the WEEE and portable battery segments, retailers, collection and recycling systems, the FEEI, the VÖEB, the FV Entsorgungs- und Ressourcenmanagement (Waste and Resource Management Trade Association), the ARGE Abfallwirtschaftsverbände (Waste Management Associations Working Group), the WKO (Austrian Federal Economic Chamber), and the EAK.