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Disposing of batteries? Do it right!

Proper disposal of batteries is easier than you may think. Batteries contain a variety of valuable raw materials – and hazardous materials too. The same substances that are essential to making all kinds of devices run properly can cause immense harm if released into the environment. That’s why batteries should never be thrown out with household rubbish!

In many Austrian states, municipal collection centres offer small collection boxes that can be used to easily collect old batteries at home. Once the box is full, simply bring it to the nearest collection centre to have it emptied.

Disposing of old batteries

Batteries can be placed in the collection box with no need for further sorting.

Free drop-off – no purchase necessary

An even simpler option is to drop off used batteries at the shop.All businesses that sell batteries are also required to take used batteries back, regardless of whether any new ones are purchased.Supermarkets, retail chains, chemist’s shops etc. provide large battery collection boxes for this purpose, typically in the area around the cash registers or the exit door.

Short circuits pose a fire hazard

Batteries can be placed into collection boxes with no need for further sorting.  When disposing of used lithium batteries (like those used in mobile phones or cameras), as well as block batteries, you should tape over the battery terminals before disposing of them, to prevent the risk of a short circuit that could cause a fire (see video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HMkz-Km19g).

Car batteries are collected separately

Used vehicle batteries are collected separately from used device batteries. This means that vehicle batteries are accepted both by collection centres and by car dealers and repair shops, and are disposed of appropriately in either case. Consumers cannot be charged for this service.

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